Weekend Recap & Birthday Tinz

April 29, 2013

It’s official. My time-management skills need some major improvement. Jillian (NuSophisticate), Stella (J’Adore Fashion) and all these other fabulous bloggers how do you stay blogging?? I pray thee, spill!

It’s almost impossible to find time to even ‘Approve’ comments after a long day at work, not to talk of composing a whole post. Should I create a rota? Should I cut on sleep hours (hmmmm, and let me just tell ya now, me and my sleep are inseparable). Should I get an intern? (Don’t think I’ve reached that crossroad yet). Should I stop watching Scandal, Revenge, Project Runway, Suburgatory, The Voice, Modern Family, Borat over and over….Oh Lord Jesus it’s a fire!

Your tips would be priceless.

Anyhoo. I’ve decided to only have half a panini bread and a southern fried chicken on chilli sauce this lunch break and to use the rest of my quality time to update you on how me and my peeps fared this weekend.

The fabulous Miss Sandrine Abega celebrated her birthday and we all had a lovely dinner out. Quickly, here are some of the pics from Saturday night.


Birthday chica πŸ™‚

IMG_8806 IMG_8804 IMG_8763 IMG_8758 IMG_8756 IMG_8784 IMG_8786 IMG_8787 IMG_8790 IMG_8788 IMG_8830 IMG_8837 IMG_8836 IMG_8866 IMG_8825

IMG_8785 IMG_8793 IMG_8772

How ‘gone with the wind’ fabulous is this???

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Happy birthday the fabulous miss Sandy!!

Love & Light x.



  1. muke alison says:

    awww you all look so fab. Happy birthday in arrears Sandy. And Gracy u are shining like a morning star. love love love it.

  2. muke alison says:

    Lydie i need those shoes and the skirt. very lovely

  3. Sandra Ekukole says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! I miss u ladies d more after seeing this. MassyNgwash n Efundem!! good to see u.

  4. Sandrine Abega says:

    Massy Ngwash!#effortlessbeauty #Teamnaturalswagger

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