OOTD: Snooper’s Paradise

December 27, 2012

So I went away for Christmas. To Brighton. Not exactly the ideal place to spend Christ’s birth but my boyfriend and I had been there over the Summer and fell in love with the quirky and vintage feel of the place that we just had to go back. 

First off, we all know how obsolete this English weather is. But I am long past that stage where I’d let it dampen my mood. I tried my hardest to capture a few OOTD shots by the sea but they were so blurry because it was raining. So we just had to run back home:(  We stayed at this hotel just on Brighton’s Pier. It was windy. Yes windy but amazeballs. From a shopaholic’s perspective, Brighton is a’ haute spot’. Especially for unique vintage finds. I spent hours snooping and looking in every little boutique on The Lanes. if you love antique, vintage or thrift shopping; you will die for these lanes. There are so many things to find!

I love to dress up as much as I love to read. We stumbled into one of the biggest antique shops on The Lanes which is called Snooper’s Paradise. I ogled over a few hundred books and finally settled for 5 novels. Two highly recommended books by Salman Rushdie (The Enchantress of Florence and Shalimar the Clown), A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth, Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood (my favourite author) and one by Marian Keyes (Anybody Out There?).

I can’t wait to get to them! I must do a review when I’m done with them as well.

As for the jewellery, God help me. My body could barely carry the weight of all the pearls, jewels and stones I had piled on my arms. The only thing that stopped me from walking out with that load was the price. Jeez! Granted, the pieces were quite affordable considering. But if you gather up to 18 pieces of jewellery of for about £9 apiece  guess how much that will sum up to? So in the middle of ringing my order, I told the cashier to halt. Rational triumphed over radical behaviour and I decided to pay just 6 of the pieces. They are gorge! I can’t wait to show them off. Thank you Snooper’s Paradise! 

I went for the monochrome look with this OOTD and added a pop of colour with my Zara vamp shoes and one of the thrifted necklaces. The blouse, I got from a London street seller. I’ve also posted a few pics from the summer that I never seemed to find the time to upload. That blue dress is from H&M and the pink sandals are one of my old faithfuls from Zara. Thank you for visiting my blog. And have a fabulous Twenty Thirteen!!  xx

Black Pencil Skirt- Misselfridge  ( here)

Lace Blouse- London streets (Similar here)

Vamp heels – Zara (similar here)

Necklace – Vintage @Snooper’s Paradise





IMG_7477 IMG_7479 IMG_7481 IMG_7490 IMG_7498 IMG_7437 IMG_7438 IMG_7440 IMG_7449 IMG_7456 IMG_7457 IMG_7461 IMG_7462


First attempt at OOTD in Brighton. I was struggling in that weather. lol


Finally gave in and went for a little tease dip.

Dress – H&M

Pink sandals – Zara

Studded Clutch – Miss London


IMG_6994 IMG_6975 IMG_6981 IMG_6995 IMG_6964 IMG_6948 IMG_6969 IMG_6983

IMG_6979 IMG_6945

What have your holidays been like? 

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  1. claudia tausi says:

    Both outfits are beautiful!!!!! Brighton is such a cool place , I try to go myself about once a year 🙂 Its a shame the beach shots didnt work out , would of been an epic background x

    • MsAidyl says:

      i tried my hardest. lol but the tides were pretty high. where in England are you? do you have a blog?
      thanks for your constant feedback:)
      merry Xmas n happy new year:)

  2. claudia tausi says:

    Im from Milan in northern Italy but im studying at uni in Nottingham on the Erasmus program. I love blogs (especialy ArtbecomesYou) but dont really have time for my own , my degree and learning English grammer takes up alot of my time.

  3. You look amazing and classy in both outfits! + Thanks for the comment on my blog. x

  4. Abbey says:

    That first outfit is cute…


  5. barbz says:

    wow. wow. wow

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