Giveaway: Have A Zara Christmas!

December 7, 2012
Thank you all so much for your amazing contributions to my blog! I’m overwhelmed by the number of hits I get daily. My only way of appreciating your awesomeness is to an amazing New Year Giveaway! 
In the Christmas spirit of giving, I’d like to show my appreciation by launching a second GIVEAWAY. 
Up for grabs is a coveted Zara or Asos (or whichever online store offers E-vouchers of your choice.You decide) gift voucher and a gorgeous collection of African inspired jewellery supplied by Umba.

Here’s how it goes:

-Simply submit a picture of yourself portraying your personal style to Email title should be Street Swag Competition so it’s mixed up with regular submissions. (Please include your name).
Like Art Becomes You page on Facebook.
Follow the ABY (Art Becomes You) blog for updates.
Pictures shall be uploaded on my blog ( and the picture with the most votes wins! Latest day for submissions is 22 December (subject to change) so you have enough time to bring your A game to the table!
*If you don’t have access to Zara or Asos online, you will receive an equivalent of the gift voucher in your zone. Read my post on the beautiful  Umba.

Happy Holidays in advance!

Here are a couple of pictures to show you what yours should be like:
Collages, street style and any pictures showing off your sense of style would be accepted.
Please no nude pics!!!
Hope you get the picture clearly. 
Unless you hate shopping, please blow off my email with your pictures. I’m waiting.
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  1. Edna says:

    Awesome yay:)

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