December 2012

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Beauty: Styles For Hair With Shaved Sides

December 28, 2012
We all go through that phase where we have this strong urge to shave off portions of our hair. At that stage, only a

OOTD: Snooper’s Paradise

December 27, 2012
So I went away for Christmas. To Brighton. Not exactly the ideal place to spendΒ Christ’sΒ birth but my boyfriend and I had been there over

Get The Look: Yvonne Nelson’s Aqua Louise Halterneck Peplum Pencil Dress

December 26, 2012
Yvonne Nelson is easily one of the best breakout stars of 2012 in terms of fashion. Girl has stepped up her game like no

Best Of 2012: Best Breakout Artists

December 25, 2012
It has been a remarkable year for newcomer acts. Our airwaves, stereos and clubs were filled with music by artists who, until recently, didn’t

Merry Christmas & A Fabulous New Year!!!!

December 25, 2012
This is to you for making my blog a success! Have a Merry Christmas and a Fabulous New Year!!! Much Love to you all.

Best Of 2012: The Split Dress

December 23, 2012
This is one trend I’ve certainly admired this year but haven’t managed to find the time, the dress or event for that matter, to

OOTD: Lovelace

December 17, 2012
So I have been up to much lately. Finishing off my Christmas shopping, making plans, cutting my previously long weave which for some reason

Style Dairy: Laviniah L

December 12, 2012
This Style Diary segment of my blog has been on hibernation for a while now. That’s because I’ve been compiling a list of the

Giveaway: Have A Zara Christmas!

December 7, 2012
Thank you all so much for your amazing contributions to my blog! I’mΒ overwhelmedΒ by the number of hits I get daily. My only way of

Top 40 Black Female Fashion Bloggers

December 5, 2012
At this point, the amount of blogs I’ve got bookmarked on my computer would qualify as obsessive stalking. Like seriously, it’s the first thing