OOTD: Square Holes

November 26, 2012
You must be sick by now of my excuses of where I’ve been, why I’ve been where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to and yada yada. Frankly, I am too. I have no excuse but damn pure laziness and cuddling-weather which makes me want to lie in all day and watch back to episode of my favourite tv shows (ie Peep Show and Modern Family). How I manage to get up every morning and make my way through the fog to work is a miracle entirely. I swear, I wish I could call in and say, I’ve broken a nail, I can’t turn up today. And that would be the honest truth! Like frankly, don’t you have days when the silliest of things just make you feel like lying in and wallowing in your self-pity with only tubs of ice-cream and reruns of project Runway to comfort you? Things like breaking a nail, or kicking your toe, VERY hard, as you rush out of the house, or having your trash bag burst open and spilling out just before you take it out, or burning your forehead as you try to tong your hair in a rush, or biting your tongue as you swear…Gosh, I’ve had one too many of those mornings. 
They feel impossible, like fitting squares pegs into round holes. 
But who cares? Life can be impossible sometimes. The only thing that matters is putting an outfit together that will wow impatient bus-waiters as they sit in the cold waiting for their buses, an ensemble that is so mesmerizing all traffic lights will turn red instantly because you are too bloody hot…Ha! I’m joking!! I ran out of what to say.
Nonetheless, I am happy with how my outfit of the day turned out. Dressing up for winter is my fashion hell. I am not fond of heavy jackets and unnecessary layering (snoods, gloves, socks, urgh.). Luckily, I found the perfect coat this season that is warm yet stylish enough to pair with anything. It is just too comfy.My leather look pants I got from H&M  a while back and have only worn them once. But, now I know why Kanye West can’t give up on his leather pants (even in the summer!). They are hella sexy! I just felt comfy yet baddie in them. Guess I’ll be rocking them more often, don’t know about summer though.

Jacket – French Connection 

Top – H&M

Heels – H&M

 City Bag – Zara    

 Leather look trousers – H&M

  Accessories – Dorothy Perkins, Topshop




  1. kiara says:

    You look so bad ass, like a “bond girl”.

  2. gerigtg says:

    Always a hit. Velvet pumps? Love. Your hair? Adorbs! Those pants? Gimme!!

  3. barbie sean says:

    daydreaming..you’ll have to dress me up oneday!!

  4. theredteacup says:

    THOSE PANTS! Love your style xxx

  5. sejleker says:

    This is my favourite outfit of yours, you looks amazing. I think you are in uk?

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