Style Diary: Rachel M

August 8, 2012
Morning fashion lovers!  For our Style Diary today, I’m bringing to you Rachel all the way from Melbourne, Australia. She runs a blog simultaneously with her sister and i find that very admirable. Make sure to check them out. But not before reading all about her style dos and dont’s.
A little about me…Hi my name is Rachel, I’m a 20 something (a girl never tells) year old Zambia born fashion lover currently living in Melbourne, Australia! I have a blog called, “EstelleLaMode,” which I started with my sister as a way to fulfil my love for fashion and hone in on my creative side. I am a huge foodie at heart and enjoy discovering different cuisines and have a HUGE obsession with shoes and bags!

What is your dressing style? What influences your style choices? My mood greatly influences my style, depending on how I’m felling is how i’ll dress! I also find inspiration from magazines and other fashion blogs. I love throwing on some bright colours when I’m happy or channelling my inner preppy chic when I’m feeling a little nerdy  

Which brands or designers speak to you the most? I don’t go shopping on the hunt for a specific brand or designer though right now I’m crushing on Phillip Lim’s bags, and my all time favourite is Elie Saab for his intricate perfection.

Any beauty secrets? Not really secrets, more what I do…Drink plenty of water and moisturise your skin daily, no one wants ashy skin!

Favourite makeup brands: I’d have to say my favourite make-up brand is Mac simply because their foundation suits me well and I don’t need to touch up at all when I wear it.

What is the most beautiful thing about you? Outer beauty, the most beautiful thing about me is my smile . Inner beauty, the most beautiful thing about me is my personality, I am never shy in a group of freinds and always having a laugh.

If you could trade places with anyone for a week who would it be? I’ve always wanted to be a princess lol so I would want to trade place with Kate Middleton to see exactly what it’s like.

Your fav music track is? My favourite song at the moment is Adorn by Miguel. I’m a hopeless romantic so when I first heard this song I fell for it hard hehehe…That was close to three months ago now and I still have it on repeat in my car as we speak!
I will keep playing it until I completely kill it and can’t listen to any more. I do this with all my fav’s.

I adore Miguel too! What is your favourite trend right now? An ankle strap heel has to be my favourite trend right now. I think they are so lady like and elegant and adds that extra touch to a great pair of heels. 

…If you’ve got it flaunt it in the most classy, lady-like, elegant manner…Enjoy it!

If your life was a movie what would be its title and who would play you? If my life was a movie it would be called “How Rachel Does It,” starring either Gabriel Union or Brandy.

My five must haves in any closet are:
A hot Blazer,
a plain white t-shirt,
some killer heels,
a statement scarf and
an A line or tulip skirt! 

Your house is in flames – What one item would you save from your closet? Ooo…I couldn’t just pick one, you would see me trying to grab EVERY bag first before coming back to try and save my shoes! The firefighters would have to hold me back lol

Your all time fashion icon: Audrey Hepburn as she is the essence of elegance and I love her simple style.

Favourite quote or saying:  Style is in the eye of the beholder. Style is patience, style is kind, style does not judge! EstelleLaMode

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  1. LAND OF FUN says:

    So cute,stunning , Gorgeous !

  2. Your style is 100% on point.

    By the way, I have nominated you for an OLBA, please accept your award on my page:

  3. Nice.My leisure time spent on ur Blog isn’t a waste of time.

  4. Miranda says:

    beautiful Rachel! Love it…! xx

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  6. Sushi says:

    Effortless. I dig this chic.

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