OOTD: Pink Bodycon

July 24, 2012

Ever woke up feeling unnecessarily happy? Well, happiness is NEVER unnecessary. But you know that feeling when you just feel like shouting (yes shouting, not singing. My morning voice sounds similar to a toad in labour…)  all the songs you can think of at the top of your lungs. Even songs that you normally skip when they come up sound good in your ears. You just want to cook and eat sweet  food.

Maybe it is because I stumbled upon my Hi5 profile this morning. Ha! Who knew they were still operating? Of course I have deactivated my account. But not before downloading a few pictures which I might later use to persuade a few of my friends into doing favours for me, lol. I mean can you imagine what we used to call swag back then? I know that old vintage fashion making a comeback. when I look at my Mom’s old pics, I see her wearing most of the current best-selling and highly coveted items that we ‘fashionistas’ now fight over. I went through her closet several times in the hope of finding some palazzo pants. they seemed to have been her favourite at one point. Anyhoo, as I was saying, imagine what we used to call swag back in the day. Even if vintage fashion is coming back I don’t think it will ever take any references from our generation. Our mothers wore high-waisted pants and bustier tops. What did we  the  (‘boomboomcha’ generation as my Aunt calls us) wear? Baggies and ‘bandanas.’ I remember the day my Dad came walking in with three pairs of  ‘Spice Girls’ shoes. Bless him. Those shoes were the truth back then. Me and my sisters could not get enough of them shoes.  In fact I have a picture, a hot one back then where i was wearing a tulle skirt, which is not so bad really. But my shoes! They were on a completely different scale. Say ‘abola.’ If I see, that boy who sold me those shoes in the name of  ‘tendances’  today I will conk him. Then of course I had to flaunt my mobile phone in the picture. More like computer, really. The size of that phone was massive. God alone knows I needed a phone with an antenna. 

Then some of the comments just had me rolling on the floor laughing: ‘Sweet n ripe,’  ‘Only hair for pikin yi foot…you too trong.’

Hahaha, I can’t even laugh enough. Funny thing is I’ll be laughing at this OOTD in a few years time. No matter how good a picture looks, it always becomes hilarious after a long period of time. Why is that? Maybe we are just laughing at the good memories that the picture elicits?  

One thing is for certain, fashions come and go but STYLE is eternal.

*Outfit: Jacket-Topsop, Dress-H&M, Sandals-Faith

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  1. Sushi says:

    Love todays OOTD. I cant stop laughing out loud at your thowback “tales”. Say beautiful mind, how about the photos of the “spice girls” shoes?

  2. Astrid says:

    Fabulous! I love the way that outfit looks on you.. That necklace has me drooling .. Poppin!! The peep-toe sandals are Badass!! tho im far from requesting a size 10 🙁

  3. Nene says:

    Idylle oh..i havent been follwing your blog for a while but girl.i love it,

  4. Sarah thompson says:

    I loveeeeeee the black leather hitting the pink a proper 70s New York vibe !!and the sun setting behind you looks so professional!!!! your photographer/tripod also deserves a pat on the back x

  5. nowmode says:

    As a designer I find thi incredibly inspiring. You look very feminine, but sporty and strong at the same time.

  6. vivalaViv says:

    Wow! You sure rock your soft pink bodycon dress here; I love that you pair it with a black leather biker jacket!
    I also love my pink bodycon dress; here’s my bodycon love:

    Vivienne 😉

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