OOTD: Shades of Mint

July 17, 2012
The bad good thing about launching one OOTD is that it gets you on a roll. I am currently on an OOTD high. I literally dream about putting outfits together these days. The other day I saw myself casually tossing a Birkin bag around while I sprinted on the grass as the photographer tried to capture the beautiful moment where my flowy Stella McCartney skirt and wavy hair were in symmetry. Of course in this vision I didn’t need heels because my olive-coloured legs went on for days… My beeping phone, right on cue woke me out of this reverie. Shaking my head I stepped out of my bed and…OUCH!!!!! I had stepped on a pin which I had left lying about from my ‘Pimp My Bag,’ session the night before. And just like that in one pin prick, my Birkin/McCartney bubble was burst. Thank you very much, old and ungrateful bag which I am trying to pimp!
My gosh! How much digression can I do? More like how much digression can YOU take? Back to my OOTD.
Before you read view my OOTD, there are a few things you should know:
-I have Β never tried to match my outfits by colours. In fact I hate to match colours. But just for a change, I decided to summon all things mint from my closet today. Tried them on and…voila!Β 
-I swear i spent hours Β (okay half an hour, but still…) Β straightening and adding shine to my hair. Making sure every strand was in place. But then I stepped out the front door and hello WIND.
-Again, you will come across me making some weird faces but that is because I was holding in laughter. Some curious truck driver decided to stop by and just watch. Well he was making weird faces and everyone knows nobody wants to get into a ‘How Many Facial Expressions Can You Make Competition’ with a truck driver. Those guys have it in the bag when it comes to that battle.
Without much hoobaloo, here’s my many Shades of Mint.

*Outfit: Top-Next, Trousers-H&M, Belt-Vintage, Purse-River Island, Shoes-Schuh.
How do you wear mint? Send your pics to artbecomesyou@yahoo.com. I’m in love with this colour. Thanks for stopping by. Rate , Like and Subscribe!!
Peace n Love πŸ™‚





  1. cher says:

    That outfit is the bombdigidi!keep up the good work with your blog.love the shoes

  2. Sushi says:

    I love your little “prologue-to” almost as much as I love this outfit! This is simply Effortless! Well put together!

  3. Aldrovanda says:

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  4. awwwww…..love this booolllooooogggg to bits….girl you doing a great job hey..and i have nominated you for the one lovely blog award…chekc more details here please:http://aquahlekkergarla.wordpress.com/2012/07/30/one-lov3ly-blog-award/

  5. jamie says:

    LOVE IT<3

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