June 2012

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Style Diary: Medge B

June 29, 2012
Today’s Style Diary embodies style with a personality. One of the bubbliest characters on the Style Diary yet.  Repping Toronto today is Miss Medge. My

Look of the Day: Miranda Kerr’s High-Waisted Wide-Legged Pants

June 29, 2012
I died and went to fashion heaven the moment I saw this picture of the Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr. The statuesque model is

Style Diary: Tanesha A

June 21, 2012
Today’s Style Diary surely must look familiar to a lot of you. Tanesha is popurlarly known in the blogosphere as ‘Girl With Curves,’ and

ASOS Giveaway. A Few Hours Left!

June 20, 2012
Pictures for the SWAG COMPETITION shall be uploaded today at 6pm. A few more hours left to submit!! Grab a £10 voucher to shop

Style Diary: Cilla B

June 19, 2012
Our style diary today believes everyday is a fashion show so live, love and play dress up. And she sure does love to play

Style News: Louboutin Loses Court Battle to Zara

June 12, 2012
Chiristian Louboutin famous for his red-soled shoes has lost a lawsuit against Zara, and has been ordered to pay $3,600 (£2000)  to the high street retailer. 

Style Diary: Nicole G

June 11, 2012
Your favourite segment, Style Diary is back with a bang! Real swagger is that which is effortless. And that is exactly what fashion blogger

Get the Look: Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Valentino Red Jumpsuit

June 8, 2012
Jada Pinkett-Smith was spotted looking radiant and toned (as usual) in a hot red jumpsuit. She’s been flaunting her gams a lot lately. Well,

A Piece of Africa on the Beach

June 8, 2012
‘I have this great idea that no one has come up with yet. Create a swimwear that would (not only preserve my dignity but)

Leather in the Summer

June 8, 2012
Think of leather in the summer and what generally comes to mind is hot, sweaty, sticky and several other words that describe how uncomfy