Style Diary: Farlon T

May 17, 2012
Style is something you’re born with, says yours truly. It is that inspiration that comes to us when we are not trying too hard to mimmick another person. Today’s Style Diary has got effortless swag for days. This post is about to prove that.
Meet her…My names are Tem Farlon Ewo. I am a simple, loving and friendly person who works so hard to get what she wants. I come from the North West region of Cameroon and I am presently a student in China. I love  shoes, travelling, working as a humanitarian and dancing though I am not a good dancer:)
How would you describe your style? My dressing style consists of anything I feel comfortable in regardless of what people think. I will just get up in the morning and try to pair up things and that’s my look for the day. I love colours too. Things in and about influence my style.
Your favourite brand?  I don’t really have a favourite shop or clothing brand. I shop anywhere in as much as I like what I see and think it looks good on me. Lately I fell in love with Jeffrey Campbell shoes so I got myself some.
Beauty secrets? I don’t have a beauty secret but I believe in a good rest or a good sleep. I think you glow more when you take time off to rest.
Make-up tips? As for make brands…..Umm…I wish I knew how to do it but I am not great at it. I try to put on a bit of mascara once in a while, I love the Mac Mascara. I stick to Mary Kay  foundation for a clean, flawless look and red or orange lips both day and night.
I love a bold lip! What would you say is your best feature? I really dont know the most beautifull thing about me but I think it is my heart. lol……it could also be my long legs as most people tell me but I always think it is my heart.
Your favourite music track?  Don’t have a favourite music track. I am just always excited about any hit which is topping the charts at that moment!
If your life was a movie, what would be it’s title and who would play you?I have never thought of my life being a movie until now, but if it is a movie I would play me because I believe nobody knows you better than you.  And the tittle would be…………………, I can’t guess.
Your house is on fire!! What would you save from your closet? If my house was in flames I would save my Jeffrey Campbell mini boots. I love shoes and I never get tired of buying them, even if I don’t wear them I feel good seeing them in my closet. 
Style icon? My all time favourite icons are the Kardashian sisters but I kind of love Kourtney’s style more.
Favourite quote? My all time favourite quote is if you can make a girl laugh ,you can make her do anything by MARILYN MONROE.
Oh I love that one! Where can we follow or watch your style evolve? Any blogs or pages?  I don’t have any blog, or links or videos. I use Facebook and my account name is FALONE TEM, or you can follow me on twitter @fallydamondash🙂
Advice to young ones? My advice to young people is never give up on your dreams and I just personally feel that everyone’s style should be a way of expressing themselves and should be accepted just the way they are.
That was fun! Did you like Farlon’s style? Tell us what you think. Or even better, take her place! Make the next post yours. Email for details.
Peace n Love on your weekend 🙂

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  1. Aju B says:

    there’s no one who embodies style better than Farlon n btw i need those white boots like seriously

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