Style Diary: Stella

By Posted on 5 3 m read 201 views

I love these style diaries because each character is so unique and different from the last. Yet still stylish in every sense of the word. Today’s style diary is Stella. Stella definitely knows how to keep things very elegant and classy while still looking very expensive and sexy I must add. In other words, she’s got …

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Style Diary: Audrey NM

By Posted on 20 6 m read 166 views

I love this saying by Yves Saint Laurent which goes; Fashion fades, style is eternal. And by golly is he right! That is why all the people in this diary are not only fiercely fashion forward but each one has got a unique sense of STYLE. It comes naturally to them. Today we’ll be going down …

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Style Diary: Amah Bertrand

By Posted on 3 4 m read 175 views

Style Diary brings you the the best of  both worlds. That is why today we’ll be peeking into the fashionable world of Amah Bertrand aka ‘LeBlondenoir.’ After all, it’s a man’s world. Isn’t it? Winks *

Introductions please. I am Amah Bertrand from Bamenda,Cameroon.I`m a Nigerian who has a very strong …

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Style Diary: Diane Attienyo

By Posted on 3 4 m read 145 views

Let’s keep our glasses raised in celebration of the international day of the woman. Meet yet another stylish female out there. Welcome to Diane’s Style Diary. Enjoy this style journey and make sure to take a souvenir back with you:)
In a few words tell us who you are… My name is Diane Attienyo, I am …

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