Black Fridays

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All Black Everything, it’s that look that many people are scared to try because they’re scared they’ll end up looking too drab or looking like they’re headed to a funeral. But here are quick tips on how to do an all black look and pull it off!
Mix textures. Mixing Textures like cotton and leather, PU and silk, lace and leather, usually cuts off an otherwise strong all black look. It brings dimension into your outfit.
Bright Touch Ups. Bright and obvious make up will transform any all black look in a minute. Try red or orange on the lips. Or a brighter pallette for your eyes. Stand out eyes are a must-do with an all black look.
Outstanding Accessories-Accessorize an all black look with bright accessories. Cinch your waist with a colourful belt, treat your feet to some special noticeable shoes, go for bright nail colours. You can also add a scarf, huge earrings or a bowling hat. Go with your gut really as long as another pair of eyes which are not yours can confirm that you do not look crazy.
Black + Attitude= SWAG!. Be it your hair, your sunglasses, your piercings; always remember it doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into an outfit. If you do not have the attitude to carry it, and make others envy it, then you might be getting unwarranted thumbs down.

Mixing textures breaks up this look.

It's all about accessorizing.



Rihanna mixes cotton with PU leather pants

Kerry Washington

Showing off skin can help break all black ensembles. But beware how much skin is on display!

Positive attitude

Eva Marcille personalizes this outfit with her accessoirizing


Chanel Iman

Serena Williams

Rihanna. What a way to stylize an all black ensemble.

Again, mixing textures always works



Rihanna Vogue UK November shoot


Angela Simmons

How do you wear your black? Join the movement! Wear your ‘all black everything’ and feel awesome in it! Send your pics to
Nice weekend guys.
Holla 🙂

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  • Tiki
    December 9, 2011

    I love black! My motto is ‘When in doubt, wear black’. My mum used to despair coz that’s all I would ever wear. I just love how with black, you can accessorize, do heavy or light makeup, fix ur hair or no, wear heels or no…and everything still makes sense. Nice post!

    ps. some pics look a bit dodgy though…

    • MsAidyl
      December 9, 2011

      lmao at ‘dodgy pics,’ just trying to include all sorts 🙂

      • Mbah Mbole Anastasia
        December 10, 2011

        This is one masterpiece hun…Kudos to u … lovin every tot of art….talk to u soon….

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