Sweet Listen: Lady Gaga’s ‘Marry The Night’

December 2, 2011
One of the most controversial and biggest pop stars, Lady Gaga has released the video of her hit ‘Marry The Night’. As usual, her videos keep us talking and guessing, looking for clues that’ll help us understand the meaning behind the video. As if. So it is not unusual that Gaga’s new video is very deep. It starts with Gaga lying on a gurney in what appears to be a mental facility. The 14 minute long video portrays Gaga doing what she does best which is being gaga. Like every other Gaga video, there is no better way to explain it than, so you’ll have to have a look for yourself.
Personally, I fell asleepΒ watchingΒ this for the first time…though that might have been as a result of the all-nighter I did the night before and not because the video is too long and the actual song starts 9 minutes into the video…
I love opening narration though. Pure brilliant.
What do you think? Paws up or paws down?

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