December 2011

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Black & Pink Sunday

December 18, 2011
  Cold Sunday day. Two friends back home Β from a cool Christmas feast. What to do with the rest of your day when you’ve

Style Star: Opal

December 15, 2011
Today’s trend star is New York blogger Opal. Her style is 100% elegance and class. With a high preference for monochrome and nude colour

How To Get The Perfect Underarms

December 11, 2011
Do you own several sleeveless tops but never wear them out because you are afraid they’ll expose your dark pits? Or do your armpits

Copy A Trend: Statement Earrings

December 10, 2011
Are you one to always go for modest (almost unnoticeable) ear jewellery? Well here’s a new trend for you to try. Why not try

Soraya’s Style

December 9, 2011
Today’s style for the day is Soraya. A 23 year old student from Nottingham. Her look is very classy, elegant and bold. She plays

Black Fridays

December 9, 2011
All Black Everything, it’s that look that many people are scared to try because they’re scared they’ll end up looking too drab or looking

Sequins: A Night To Remember

December 6, 2011
December is usually is usually that time of the year when we usually have the most parties and functions to attend. Sometimes it’s hard

Look of The Day

December 5, 2011
Wedge power=girl power! I love <3 Send your pics to to be on style of the day. Holla πŸ™‚  

Style of The Day

December 4, 2011
How does this hot pink cropped blazer and washed coral shorts appeal to you? And how about a little ‘fro to go with the

Sweet Listen: Lady Gaga’s ‘Marry The Night’

December 2, 2011
One of the most controversial and biggest pop stars, Lady Gaga has released the video of her hit ‘Marry The Night’. As usual, her