Lady Gaga’s ‘Normal’ LBD?

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Pop entertainer singer Lady Gaga was spotted her recording studio in LA sporting a close to normal little black dress (LBD). At least for Lady Gaga the look is quite ordinary. Lately the singer has been spotted in some quite normal outfits to be fair. Is Lady Gaga  toning down the crazies and actually starting to dress like the rest of us?

What’s your take?

Lady Gaga in patterned black dress.

Okay those nails are a bit over the top...but her make up and hair look okay here.




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  • Dallas
    February 11, 2012

    Wow she looks pretty good here! Damn why the hell does she have to put on all this weird shit all the time. lol I honestly don’t really think she’s that ugly. She’s pretty when she’s just normal looking like this, y’know? But, I appreciate her way of not being afraid to really express herself too. Its just…why does she feel the need to go out and look ridiculous when she can just be real self. :\

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