Colour Blocking Unlocked (The Secrets).

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Add some colour to your manicure!

Colour blocking has for the most part been a no go fashion area. That’s because most people who dare to colour have ended up looking drastically like a poor imitation of a rainbow. But this summer you don’t need to worry about that! The secrets to colour blocking have been unlocked! Fashion experts (like us, lol) have found a way to mix contrasting colours to make them look appropriately eye catching.With stars like Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole and Rihanna leading the trend, colour blocking is obviously this summer’s MUST DARE!

  • The first thing to know about colour blocking is ALWAYS choose colours from different hues. Choosing colours from the same hue or shade does not work because one shade (usually the stronger shade) tends to wash out the other lighter one. Choose two strong colours from different hues. For example, purple and yellow, coral and jade, purple and coral. Two strong colours will always pop.

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  • The next thing is do not pair your colour blocked ensemble with shoes or accessories in the same colour. It takes the outfit from cool and sexy to redundant and silly in one beat. Instead look for bright shoe (or clutch) shade in like say gold or turquoise.
  • Avoid over accessorizing when colour blocking. The colourful outfit is already attention grabbing enough on its own. Over accessorizing would very easily take it from classy to cheap.
  • The same goes with make up. Less is ALWAYS more. Light and natural looking make up works perfect with colour blocking. You can choose to accentuate your eyes or lips with a pop of colour but do not overdo it.
  • What next? you’re good to go (wow ’em!)

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