13 Best Ways to Apply Makeup Quickly

Whether you’re a working woman, a student or housewife, makeup is bound to be a part of your morning routine. However, the whole routine can become monotonous and time-consuming.  If this is the case for you, here’s some time-saving tips that will help you!


Tip 1:

You need to get rid of stuff that you no longer need. Most women collect a lot of stuff, which are rarely used. Of course, they add to the total time spent on makeup. So, the first time saving tip is that you should throw away such makeup products so you avoid sifting through a load of products. Keep only a few items. It’s difficult but essential to speed up makeup application.


Tip 2:

You can use tinted moisturizer, and avoid using bronzer or blush.  If you combine it with a sunscreen, the effects will be great. In simple words, you will skip several steps for getting amazing skin.


Tip 3:

Over tweezing is known to harm your skin. So, it is better if you stop it altogether. This will save you several precious hours. In addition, you’ll get a natural appearance within a few minutes.


Tip 4:

False Eyelashes are very trendy. But they require a lot of time and effort.  Anyway, they are not appropriate for daily wear. Save them for a party or any other special occasion. Remember that your natural eyelashes always look beautiful without these falsies. All you need is a pop of mascara et voilà!


Tip 5:

Get an Eyelash Curler:

Eyelash curler only takes a few seconds to give you beautiful eyes.  Your beautiful eyes will also look healthy and awake. After using eyelash curler, there is no need to apply any other makeup.


Tip 6:

Avoid using skin toner. The only exception would be in case of any skin condition. In fact, you don’t need to use a skin toner every single day. So, there is no need to use a skin toner on your face.   


Tip 7:

 A basic makeup routine will save you a lot of time. More complicated makeup should be done only on some special occasions.  Many women adopt a heavy makeup regime that tends to be time-consuming. In our opinion, it wastes time and results in an unnatural appearance.  Stick to simple and fresh makeup for an everyday youthful look.

Miss Maven


Tip 8:

Buy long lasting and authentic makeup products. This will eliminate the need for frequent retouches throughout the day. It should be noted that manufacturer’s claim could be far from reality. So, you need to be careful and alway check for reviews on products you plan on buying. 


Tip 9:

Get products that are easier to use. For example, some women will find liquid eyeliner difficult to use. They often make mistakes whenever they use them. If you’re also having difficulty in using any particular product, its better of you to skip them or find an easier substitute.


Tip 10:

Prefer neutral colors, which will save time on coordinating them.  

Tip 11:

If you’re using Human Hair Extensions, it will also save a lot of time as you don’t have to groom your natural hair. A quick brush and you’re ready to go.



Tip 12:

If you’re in hurry, use a head band or other cool accessories on your hair. 


Tip 13:

Consult a Makeup Artist DC to get quick results.





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13 Best Ways to Apply Makeup Quickly

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