11 Drop Earrings Styling Tips: What To Wear With Yours?

Earrings may be the ideal fashion accessory. They are pretty, make women look trendy, and are available in dozens of sizes, colors, and styles. Despite the dizzying array of choices, many women consider drop earrings their go-to essential style and own several pairs. Eye-catching drop styles can add a touch of elegance, be used as a splash of color, or add charm to casual wear. Fashionable women know dozens of ways to style their earrings, and the following tips illustrate eleven of the top trends.

1) Use Earrings to Add Color

Suppliers offer drop earrings in a huge variety of colors. That means shoppers can find ideal hues for every season. Trendsetters often add bright colors to summer and spring clothing to create a dash of color. But drop styles in winter and fall colors can also create interest when paired with darker-colored sweaters and tops. Fortunately, women who need new earrings to suit changing weather can easily find them online.

2) Add Spice to Work-from-Home Wear

Many women consider jewelry part of their “work wardrobes.” They choose pieces that complement clothing they wear in offices, studios, and other professionals spaces. However, many are now working from home and miss the fun of showing off their jewelry. Some have solved the problem by styling a variety of earrings that still allow them to look polished during Zoom or Skype calls. One Vogue writer rotates a collection of hoop and drop earrings that keep her look fresh to demonstrate that being isolated doesn’t have to be dull.

3) Recycle Perfect Pearl Drops for Various Occasions

Fashion trendsetters often create a personal style built around a few favorite pieces they adapt to create different looks. For example, a Marie Claire style editor recommends pearl drops that can go from boardroom to ballroom. While pearls are often considered traditional, that doesn’t mean owners can’t dress them up or down. The key is finding the ideal pair. For example, simple drop pearl and gold earrings look just as good with evening wear as they do with jeans and sweaters.

4) Class Up a Street Style

A pair of interesting drop earrings can be the perfect finishing touch to streetwear. Because drop earrings are available in so many styles, it is easy to find pairs that look wonderful with casual clothing. Suppliers offer fun, flattering tassel, and crystal drops that are easy to mix-and-match to create an endless number of street styles.

5) Use Drops to Add Casual Chic

Earrings can help give basic casual clothing a chic flare. Choose a pair of bar drop earrings that draw attention to the face. Jewelers offer styles that include stones such as amethyst, garnet, aquamarine, or quartz. For budget-conscious yet fashionable shoppers, beaded, filigree, and abalone shell drop styles add pizzas to casual clothes.

6) Cocktail Parties and Tassels Are a Perfect Fit

Drop earrings are ideal for social occasions that fall somewhere between formal and relaxed. For example, it can be difficult choosing accessories for cocktail parties. Luckily, tassel drops work well on these occasions. A pair of gold or silver tassel earrings look wonderful with cocktail dresses. Bolder women may choose to show up at cocktail parties wearing wear jeans, a dressy blouse, and white or black tassel earrings. Worn with matching or complementary shoes, diamond earrings can go from afternoon to evening just by changing shoes and opting for a dressier bag.

7) The Right Drops Dress Up Professional Wear

Office wear, no matter how stylish, tends to be severe and often tailored. While the look is professional, it can also feel impersonal and stark. Accessories go a long way to personalizing suits and other workwear. Earrings are especially important because they draw attention to the face and can add sparkle. For example, simple, elegant drop styles add flare. It is best to avoid large, distracting earrings. Fortunately, drop earrings are available in a wide range of sizes.

8) Use Delicate Drop Earrings for a Feminine Look

Drop earrings are ideal for creating a more girly look. The right earrings add a feminine touch to unisex or man-tailored clothes. Add cute drop earrings to a jumpsuit and finish off the look with a delicate handbag and shoes with bows. Drops also go well with off-the-shoulder tops and soft, girlish hairstyles. Classic drop styles like diamonds are not only delicate, they are the ideal accessories for formal wear.

9) Drop Styles Can Make a Bold Statement

Because there are so many varieties of drop earrings, it is easy to find pairs that can be used to make a dramatic statement. Some women choose extra-long drops that reach almost to their shoulders. Unique shapes, materials, and colors can also create a splash. For example, consider drop earrings in the shape of a chain or a series of interlocking circles. Fern, leaf, and large boho drop styles are chic and interesting. Chandelier earrings are the perfect statement accessories.

10) Become a Trendsetter with Geometric Patterns

Almost every woman owns a pair of hoop or drop-hoop earrings because they are classics. But there are drop styles in a lot of other fascinating shapes as well. Sellers offer triangles, squares, and oblong sets in every type of material imaginable. Unusual geometric shapes add interest. Medium and large geometric earrings look especially chic with casual wear like long blouses and skinny jeans.

11) Pair Necklaces and Drop Earrings

One of the most traditional and beloved looks is the matching necklace and drop earring combination. For example, dainty pearl drops matched with a pearl choker create a classic style. A diamond necklace bar drop earrings is stunning. But, really, any matching set is flattering and trendy.

As every fashionable woman knows, accessories make the ensemble, and earrings are some of the most important accessories. Most women own one or two drop earring sets they use to create a variety of looks. There are drop styles that add color and create a bold statement. Delicate styles provide elegance and femininity. Drop earrings are sold in sizes, materials, colors, and styles to suit every taste.

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