101 Different Braids Styles That Will Make You Want To Get Yours Now!


This is a box braids appreciation post.

And by braids I mean single braids. We’ll get to cornrows another day. After I had my baby, I couldn’t find the time to take good care of my natural hair like I used to. I had to resort to my favourite protective style, braids. Just like everything else, braids – how we install them and the way they look – are evolving. Meanwhile the traditional box braids remain an all time favourite, there are so many finished looks you can achieve these days with braids. If you’re planning to get braids, this post should hopefully serve as an inspiration board of ideas on how limitless your choices are!

Size Matters – Achieve that classic Poetic Justice look by going for chunky box braids.

1. fd764c834ef06510943a4d7a352ff87b

2. 6150be666513635ac507e3f0963c506c

3. 8794f69f333b4f351d7bf20400852e0b

4. 0a15a6bb4334880bca29606ae175407e

5. 72619cfa91179c9bf1610d0e6f7554e3

6. africanhairstyles

7. 4c852d6297a6bb26ef1d4023d3bd82f1

8. bb641455c94906f68645e76f6f75fb37

9. 7d9865ddd29146f113ba39752a01a464

10. 55bde896a4bcdc6aaefd5f4253b427bb


About that Bob Life – Ditch the waist length braids and opt for sleek cropped braids that frame your face instead.

11. ff6f44bde14f2e6689e94b5010ee0e0e

12. 14712208_634881620026085_8070726956343099392_n13722018_1149947898424648_193228404_n12918639_1768957153350357_690111909_n

13. 4dda04e24ce13c154d8886894dc6f70e

14. 7e36e149adb56d88648e48446ad3eeed1

15. kerstidotpitre3

16. 4be360e79d996e69c5669c803d732178

17. 8dbafebdb5b8e2848591535c62d2b921

18. 29ccb99004cccf3fa8b392dd88994d5c

19. 8a1a8addaeb8c0d53875f3f20e1ffe05

20. 5f14ad0c9f10251322cab70a8a74bb90


Plot Twist – Instead of regular three strand braids, opt for a a twist out. They’re easier and quicker too!

21. d20d9bf565be78784e23798ea8d5526f

22. 3c79dadf34fee816f0cb9386b7a8d545

23. b2ee97a778bd9e0f9a437c2adf9f8dd4

24. b8bd7da958e2e2e109049780de95c671

25. f56314ab470be63f64ffd404343ca913

26. 998151cd88327123136dce7ee1a7eb40

27. dcc0abd78f6f564951b2c3d029afa1fa

28. f4145f7722d8b44f0e1e0afa5a0656f9

29. goddess-braids-hairstyle_08

30. 79c3ae0ffe06baaa9735109df0b1d25a

31. 7cea720aabe26a109bf86a6c1bc331be


Yarn for More – Add texture and desired roughness to your braids by using textured extensions such as yarn or Afro Marley hair instead.

32. 608d31dca14b83099643d2925af39f7f

33. bc389fcb75778952a454284f3960d36f

34. yarn-braids-for-2017

35. fca55eb40b38952440a60b1628bd097e

36. e0af62d4504255b3ef25907973e02a55

37. 25b8680e44b627184293e5696ad1295c

38. 2b94edc05934766d316b7157b2005627

39. 7b886c6064fc622a40b89a8d87d30a23

40. fringe suede 1345fringe suede 21


Faux Dreads – Fancy the loc look? Achieve it without sacrificing your hair length and growth progress by installing faux dreads. It takes a bit longer than regular braids to install but well worth the extra hour or two!

41. Braids

42. 24a5bdaaa102f17a8d59eea5cce29832

43. maxresdefault

44. faux-dreadlocks

45. jackieaina

46. 62c8068819d162bfa7e8ea0def797844

47. zendaya-dreadlocks-oscars-giuliana-rancic-main

48. deonlocssw

49. faux-dreadlocks1

50. 94e8fcd1a0280aa1c6e700083ca409fb


Goddess Locs – The 2.0 version of faux dreadlocs. Faux locs with a curly twist if you will. I HAD to have them installed. My favourite braids style to date. (See No. 51 picture below).

51. img_6167

52. 24bbffeda578547fee19dd1d03593f83

53. f86c771b3fe1d02f8052fd4634b5e763

54. maxresdefault1

55. 058b45b349308cac798937b5fba5b89a

56. 848e1a1438f22feffd2ef7e09648b13c

57. img_1920-800x800

58. 15048219_398282747169409_719098261176057856_nboho locs

59. 7913a623b53737658d56a68d09487bd1

60. celebrities-love-faux-locs-meagan-good

61. 0c2452e14c1bb1e3fac0ffa3ad34d42e

62. 27f7bedeb2a16bebc1919f0c24a7ff69

63. 378454f540e4172cf99827f8b2f9ee86

64. 4ac5e94c908d1431ce5e15ec3a2dfc5f

65. screenshot-2016-01-26-17-59-12


Out of the Box – Add personality to good old box braids by playing with colours and accessories. Go bold or go home.

66.  2bc0f2eabf89fdaeb6ec9ffd9fd3ad5b

67. de312432291236de8495e5e6c6aa8648

68. cac5d43f166f243a6d9e0dd0dba2bb79

69. aa419543564fb35a383cfe6ef2c59215

70. 74fb87c99463a9c31adf7249c4524fbf

71. a75ac2768c7798bb6120529b34daf89f

72. 368ae13f148175fbb45f69db446c659f

73. 17-pastel-pink-faux-locs-2

74. 52437046ac14bf48bcd2e21719f6dbe9

75. 14063630_552652104940475_1428899418_n

76. 8b367dbf0b8d8c9220b0066c084bf32e

77. c48a5a85831148580108b8df75df08ad

78. ccd67ed89c80db07aed9264065feada6

79. 61cfaa79db999a917b3de67c2d80f209

80. tumblr_nuj9kjkdwd1u98a6go5_500


Micro Box Braids – Not for the faint hearted. Most people opt for chunky braids as they’re less time consuming. Micro braids take twice as long. I love how they look but never been brave enough to attempt sitting through it.

81. 8c6a91a9a2ba5f8d290485fd4c2e7352

82. 61dc61c4f6d4f12eedcb1b2ec9208705

83. caa8baf48309b47a3305321da59deadf

84. aca39a1549dc55a3ef4a685be0cae926

85. 7876dad9638f9f57ecd3ab9e73a2100f

86. bfa26c4eb3409f81e211573f4c1fb4fa

87. e3dd802585cc07fc9922005c8da09e48

88. 9d781f7f515ae90c809c6c8e7b7e49a5

89. 0eabda4c91854a931febc5183c106d7d

90. d8c84e66e99f6c4caab5b492754e6d22


Good Ole Box Braids – Sometimes we just fancy keeping it 100% original. No embellishments or fads. Just good old traditional box braids.

91. long-colored-box-braids

92. 24e5579a175d5535f78eb84a87b152f4

93. a492f2a9ec9de00a20b70f819eba3271


95. bb08e11f14cb84301aa7c0964577e8f9

96. 7676b5f7835194a0e11f1042ee1af787

97. 5c2e22e27982aded08d6d88cdc5ef4db

98. 47b454d025662d5329b534cff971ef59

99. 1c1b3473e0c1d59c563656687e25efab

100. 3ffd845fbe10c7602a3e4a617ac75543

101. 20ed7af3f28818f3d996ec640688021b

Hey, you made it to the end of this list! Which styles were your favourite? Did you get inspired to try any? If there’s more braid styles that I’ve left out (which I’m sure that I have) please do drop details below.

Lydia x






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  • Dan
    March 13, 2017

    Gorgeous braids :)https://stylewithsubstance.net/

  • Dr Lade ツ (@Muuchinto)
    March 15, 2017

    I feel like a winner seeing as ive tried most of these styles already!! Braids stay forever winning.


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101 Different Braids Styles That Will Make You Want To Get Yours Now!

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