10 Wearable Gaga Pieces

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I had the idea to write this post because I recently saw a near decent pic of Lady Gaga and went, so she can actually dress (or act) normal for once? There are times when I look at a picture Lady Gaga and go, okay this woman and I are so not from the same planet. Other times I just heave a sigh and think why does she have to go through all and struggle to make an otherwise simple outfit look so outlandish…?

Then it occurred to me that what made her outfits so outrageous or gagalicious were probably (in fact, definitely) the overtly assertive accessories, the ridiculous make-up, the inexplicable hair colours (of which some colours are yet to be named) coupled with the incomprehensible claw-like hand gestures. When it comes down to the outfits themselves, some of them are actually normal, wearable pieces that have just been ‘Be-Gaga’ed’ (okay I made that word up but you get my drift).

Here are 10 wearable Gaga pieces* that I managed to find. ( I say wearable pieces because there was hardly a single WHOLE ensemble that was wearable, well at least for me. But if you take apart the individual pieces you realize most of them are very wearable).



1.I was blown away when I saw this dress. Being a lover of all things leopard print, I would readily wear this piece ( well given that it would be less revealing). I would not need the bridal tail as well, so the dress could use a little less fabric. Also the red pumps are very wearable. I love them actually. They are a refreshing change from her stilts. I wouldn’t wear the gloves with this outfit though. With another outfit maybe…



2. While we do not want to match our hairstyles and colour with each outfit we don, we have to admit this is a beautiful print dress. I love how the detail looks simple at the top then becomes more complex at the skirt. Beautiful pattern altogether.

3. Gosh, I am so in love with this dress. Love how the blue colour just pops. There is actually nothing wrong with this ensemble. Love the hair colour, love the bag, nude pumps and even the dark shades are normal. This was when Lady Gaga had just been introduced to ‘Fame’ and was still searching for ways to blow our minds. Now she’s on ‘The Edge of Glory’ and I think she might just have found the perfect way to keep everyone guessing each time she’s about to step out.

4. Another pretty classy dress by Lady Gaga. Though I would ditch the make up and the tea cup and saucer (by the way weird accessory. why oh why would I even carry that around?) Other than that, I think she’s good to go. Nice heels and bag as well. Nice hat but worn at the wrong place and wrong time.

5. Am in love with nude colours. That’s why I picked this latex skirt and nude pumps. Though I cannot forgive Gaga for not pairing that beautiful pencil skirt with a more deserving top. Like say a sheer blouse.

6. I can easily see myself in this long dress (without those sleeves of course). It is simply wearable.

7. When she’s not wearing stilts, Lady Gaga wears some beautiful pumps that I would readily buy (at a bargain) if she was having a clear out or something. The blue skirt suit looks lovely as well though it could do with less boob and cleavage detail…As for those sun shades, thanks but no thanks.

8. Hot blazer alert! Take away the pink hair, put on some pants and you’re good to go:)

9. Okay, at least here’s one thing lady Gaga and I have in common: we both love Louboutins!  Those Christian Louboutin pumps are hotter than hell. And that colour…totally speaks for itself. The coat is also to die for. If only she could drop that ridiculous claw-like wave…


10. This is an absolutely classy look (for Lady Gaga). Strangely, this suit is in no way revealing and is totally wearable.  Again, I want those Louboutins. I would not mind the Louis Vuitton case as well but I’d certainly discard of that headpiece.

Despite finding these 10 wearable pieces by Gaga, I also came across quite a handful of some that were totally beyond a makeover. No matter how many time you have to dissemble these pieces, there is just not one of them that will make sense (at least to me).

So here they are, The Atrocious, The Outlandish and The Utter Inexplicable.

The meat dress

Parachute or Gaga?

Who leaves their houses dressed in a shell, or an egg or a cubicle...or whatever that is??

You just CAN’T TOUCH THIS, can you? Yeah, me neither. There are some things in life that are better left unexplained. Like some of Gaga’s fashion choices…But then again that’s why she’s Gaga.

Would you wear any of the ‘wearable’ pieces?  Which Gaga fashion statement would you rock?

Speak your mind!





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