10 Travel Hacks to Change your Holiday Experience

Travelling has always been addictive and in the 21st century, there are many cool ways that you can enhance your travelling experience and the Internet is a great way to spread new knowledge. We trawled the web to find a few amazing travel hacks that you can use to improve your travelling experience.

    1. Scan your passport and email the images to yourself – There’s nothing worse than losing a passport and if you scanned the main page and current visa, at least you can start the process of getting a new passport. 
    2. Store rechargeable batteries in the fridge – Lithium-iron batteries hold their charge longer in cold temperatures, so leave spare batteries in your all-inclusive hotel in Patong overnight before you head off for a day of sightseeing.
    3. Download Google Translate – Not being able to understand a foreign language can really put a damper on your travels; enter Google Translate, which can help you whenever you need to communicate with locals. 
    4. Never change money into local currency at airports – You might not be aware that airport exchange booths offer the worst rates; only change what you need to grab a taxi to the city, where you will find much better rates.
    5. Stick “Fragile” stickers on your luggage – Even if there’s nothing delicate in your luggage, it will be handled with care with a few fragile stickers. You’re probably wondering why you didn’t know about this one, we did too! Click here for information about Hunter Valley.
    6. Universal adapter – This is a must-have; you can order one that works everywhere and this is one piece of kit that should be in every traveller’s bag. The last thing you want is for your device to run out of power and this gadget makes sure you are always charged and online.
    7. Inform your credit card company about your trip – If you don’t tell your credit card provider that you’re going to Thailand, they might block a charge, fearing it to be a fraud. This can be more than a little inconvenient and you could end up with no cash! Simply send them an email telling them of your dates and destination and you won’t have any card issues.
    8. Walk-in hotel reservations – If you book at the hotel reception, you don’t pay any online tax, plus the hotel reception staff have the power to upgrade you. When staying at any large hotel, always be pleasant with the staff and they will move mountains for you. 
    9. Get a good anti-theft bag – They are available online for less than $50 and wearing this will ensure you are never a victim of pickpocketing. Don’t buy the first one you see and do read customer reviews, which will help you make the right choice.
    10. Choose visa-on-arrival countries – When you want to get away for a few days, choose a country where you receive a free visa upon arrival, which means no visa application. Many countries offer this to attract short-term visitors.

Even though the pandemic is almost over, some countries still have entry requirements, so check online prior to making any booking.


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