10 Natural Bloggers (Whose Hair I Want To Cut N’ Paste On My Head!).

As you all know I am a big fan of natural hair. Read my post on 101 natural Hair Ideas.  My hair though has refused to be tamed so I have given up on trying to keep it natural and now relax it about once every six weeks and treat it twice a week. The last time I tried to go natural I ended up looking like ‘the Before’ in a hair commercial. It therefore baffles me how these bloggers manage to look so effortlessly chic and sexy in their hair. I swear they have personal  ‘Hairy Godmothers’ that come and curl and detangle their hair while they sleep, because how else does one make their to look that great? Even though this post says 10 bloggers, it is in honour of all my natural divas. Just to say you all are looking fly. For those of you that are still planning to embark on this hair journey, ignore my own hair testimony and let these ladies inspire you. (Click on titles to visit blog).

1. Cynthia from Addicted2Etsy

I love her blog, her hair and her sunglasses collection. She has effortless style and is from Cameroon like Yours Truly. I did a Style Diary on her on my blog before. Check it out here. Visit her blog for her hair regimen and recommended products. 

2. Simply Younique

This girl is just simply amazing. Flawless all the time. You can subscribe to her YouTube Channel and Facebook page for more updates. Her hair is just out of this world.

3. Nia B of Ask Nia B

Nia B is from Chicago and she’s a wife, mother and blogger with amzing hair. You should check out her blog for tips and tutorials.

4. Taryn Andre of tarynandre.tumblr.com

She’s 3 words: Fierce, fierce, fierce!

5. Ariel of Faintly Masculine

This is my favourite blogger yet. I daze at her blog. So wish I could off the menswear style as easily as she does. I’ll definitely try it one of these days. She’s adorable with an edge. And I love her style.

6. Danielle Orji of Rusted Beauty

Danielle is the Erykah Badu of blogs. Her blog is fairly new but I’m hooked already. She describes herself as a ‘naturalista’ which I couldn’t agree with more. Love her vintage ethnic style and sophisticated look.

7. Maiya of I Love Mai Curls

8. Ashanti of The Polka Dot Lounge

Love Ashanti’s thick natural curls. Get the deets on her YouTube channel, The Polka Dot Lounge.

9. Geraldine of Geraldine The Great

Epitome of a natural black beauty. Even her eyebrows are well thick and full. I’m green with envy, lol. Check out her amazing blog.

10. Eureka of Qrush Velvet

How her hair got this long, I will never know. But Eureka says this is her 11th year of natural growth. So for those working the natural look. Be patient. Diligence pays of. This is really beautiful. Good job Eureka.



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  • Tiki
    August 3, 2012

    I like Simply Younique, but Eureka just slam-dunked it for me! My resolve has been strengthened – natural hair it is!

    Btw, show a sister some love! Why my name no dey for dis list? Dis one na pacha o, hmmmmm!

    • MsAidyl
      August 3, 2012

      Hahahaha. When ya hair reaches Eureka’s level….but chai i envy her. Post pics of your hair journey and I will add:)

      • Tiki
        August 3, 2012

        You berra! Will do sharpish.

        Or, scratch dat. Wait make I reach London, me too I go wear ‘short knicker’ and ‘eyeglass’, draw ‘tido’ for eye den I ‘snaff’ before I send! Next week no far noh…

      • MsAidyl
        August 3, 2012

        LMAO @ tido

      • MsAidyl
        August 6, 2012

        miss Tiki, i’ve nominated you:) check out this post for details xx

  • naomimuhammad
    August 4, 2012

    Eureka’s hair is absolutely fabulous more so because her hair is 4c, I can identify with her.


    naii xoxo


  • brown betty
    August 4, 2012

    Great post! Thanks for shedding light on some fabulous sistas.

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    August 8, 2012

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    September 8, 2012

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  • barbz
    September 24, 2012

    honestly every hair I’ve seen here rocks my world

  • vivian
    November 11, 2013

    Nice!!!!!!! Please does anyone have any idea how to get ariel’s short hair. Absolutely love it! Don’t know what to do with my shor hair and hers looks great. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

10 Natural Bloggers (Whose Hair I Want To Cut N’ Paste On My Head!).

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